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My Philosophy

If you’ve ever tried to learn a language in school (without success), you probably think that you’re “not good with languages” or that learning a foreign language is all about grammar rules, long lists of words and flash cards.


I’m sure when you first thought about tackling the German language, you realized how foreign it REALLY is. It might’ve been a completely new experience without any contact to the language, its culture, or its people. And just thinking about studying it reminds you of your school experience – which I’m sure you’d rather forget.

Here’s the thing about how most languages are taught: You take a LOT of time and effort learning the core principles and THEN – after a long time – you finally get to apply it.

This is NOT my approach.

It’s not fun, it’s stressful, and you don’t feel like you’ve really accomplished anything until MUCH later. If at all.


There’s a better, more brain-friendly way to learn German and that’s by making it FUN, RELEVANT and TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS AND WANTS.


The way I coach is by helping your brain focus, make new connections faster, so the information sticks.  AND apply it immediately in situations relevant to you. This is KEY to Neurolanguage Coaching®*. When you’re open to a different approach, in a calm and relaxed state, motivated and focused, you’ll learn FASTER and BETTER than with any other method.


You are in control. You decide what you want to learn and how you want to do it. We partner up to co-create your course. We’re combining coaching ethics and standards, as well as the goal and action setting processes and integrate them into our sessions. During our sessions, you have full confidentiality. What happens in the session, stays in the session! No information will ever be passed on to someone else.

This brain-friendly coaching approach uses coaching conversations to activate your existing knowledge to help your brain make new connections fast, so the information sticks!

We build a learning partnership and co-create the course which is tailor-made for YOU. We all love to learn differently. That’s why you get to learn in the way which makes the most sense to you.

First, we find out exactly where you are at the moment and what it is you want to learn, identify and set your mastery and mechanical goals.


Second, we determine your actions – how you want to work on this and achieve your goal, breaking down the language to make it tailor-made for YOU. We only use activities you enjoy, are relevant to your situation and which you look forward to completing while keeping your brain in the perfect learning state.


And third, we define a realistic time period, talk about possible activities for consolidation between sessions. And get to work.


Because you CAN get a fully immersive German experience – wherever you are in the world.



*Registered US and European trademark in the name of Rachel Marie Paling.




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