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Want to speak German like a native?

Then learn from a native.


Coaching you in German so you confidently experience life in a German-speaking country.


For many people who are given an opportunity to work and live in a German speaking country, be it for 3 or 5 years, they grab the offer because of the beauty these countries have to offer. The beauty that comes with it sometimes becomes a little difficult to fully enjoy and experience without the local language. You know sometimes you want to fully experience a place with its own language to make the experience so real.

Well, this is why I am here. I coach you in German so you can confidently experience your new life abroad.

Hi, I’m Karin – the German language teacher and Neurolanguage Coach®* for anglophones moving to German-speaking countries who want to achieve that incredible feeling of living life in a foreign language.

Whether you are moving for work, love or adventure, would you like to avoid feeling like an idiot when speaking German?

Do you want to confidently walk into cafés, restaurants, appointments, meetings, interviews, speaking German?

Do you think it’d be cool to show off your German skills to friends and family back home when they come visit you?

I love languages, yes I am one of those people who speak more than one languages and have been an expat myself in several countries. But I don’t pick up languages that easily, so over the years of traveling to many different parts I have learned to come up with amazing strategies on how I can learn the language of the country I am living in.




When I look at myself now – I fully embrace my own passion for languages. This is what I want to share with you.


I also know, appreciate and fully understand what you might be going through as someone who is eager to learn German but learning languages is not so easy for you. You may even have tried to learn German before with very little success. I hear you!


I have developed my own strategies of learning languages which I am confident will help you learn German.  These are the strategies I share with you. Together we will take the time to identify which style and strategy work best for you so that you can confidently experience the place you call home for now.


Unlike other major language schools around that may teach you in a uniform manner, my service is personal and tailor-made to match your personal schedule and learning style. I want you to learn in the best brain-friendly format you can and enjoy most.


I am aware that the people I work with are busy professionals who are traveling as part of their job, so one of my key offerings when coaching German is a brain-friendly approach, which helps your brain to make new connections fast, so the information sticks.


I offer and give you the control over your learning. I am here to support you on your journey to learning German in the most brain-friendly way possible. Some things I offer you are things I wish I would have had when I lived in other countries.


My own language journey has been a roller-coaster. Some approaches were simply great and really helped me, while others were simply nightmares – I had to figure it all out on my own. If I had to do it all again – I would always choose to have a Neurolanguage Coach®* by my side.


I am very dedicated and committed to helping you integrate well in German because of my own experiences both good and bad. There is something about speaking the local language of the place you call home that makes the whole experience totally worthwhile even if it is for 3 years.


I am passionate about seeing your progress and experience your host country in the way you want – with confidence. I know German may not be easy but I offer you a coaching experience that will empower you to progress and enjoy this time you have like a native person would.


Remember once you have the language – I do not think you will ever forget it, so embrace the challenge and experience of learning it because this is something you will keep and treasure for your lifetime. The invest is a truly rewarding experience.



Don´t just be one person in the world. Be the world in one person.


I am looking forward to working with you. Click here to take the first step >>>

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*Registered US and European trademark in the name of Rachel Marie Paling.





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